John and Martina

On the 5th of June, 2016, was the start of John and Martina’s new life as one.
As John awaited his bride at the beautiful St Mark Coptic Church in Arniffe, Martina stunned the room as she walked down the aisle in Norma Bridal Couture.

Despite such crazy horrible weather, we all battled through onto Sydney University. Regardless of the storm, fallen trees, floods and 100km/h winds we all faced, we managed to capture their gorgeous and stunning once in a lifetime memories of this momentous day!

From there, John and Martina moved onto the stunning Le Montage. Where family and friends couldn’t wait to eat, toast and dance into the night together!

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Wedding Dress Designer: Norma Bridal Couture
Hairdresser: Peta Winter
Makeup Artist: Samantha Chidiac
Cake Supplier: Holy Suga
Florist: Anna Wang
Zaffe: C’darz Entertainment
Transit/Cars: Broadway Limousines
Videographer: NYC Films



John and Martina-51 John and Martina-52 John and Martina-53 John and Martina-54 John and Martina-55 John and Martina-56 John and Martina-57 John and Martina-58 John and Martina-59 John and Martina-60 John and Martina-61 John and Martina-62 John and Martina-63 John and Martina-64 John and Martina-65 John and Martina-66 John and Martina-67 John and Martina-68 John and Martina-69 John and Martina-70 John and Martina-71 John and Martina-72 John and Martina-73 John and Martina-74 John and Martina-75 John and Martina-76 John and Martina-77 John and Martina-78 John and Martina-79 John and Martina-80 John and Martina-81 John and Martina-82 John and Martina-83 John and Martina-84 John and Martina-85 John and Martina-87 John and Martina-88 John and Martina-89 John and Martina-90 John and Martina-91 John and Martina-92 John and Martina-93 John and Martina-94

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