Marco and Kayla

On the 3rd of October 2015 the stunning couple Kayla and Marco met at ‘Our Lady of Victories‘ to join hands to unite as one.
For the bridal shoot they went through the beautiful parts of the Wollongong Lighthouse and caught some really divine shots.
They continued their celebrations at the exquisite Lagoon Seafood Restaurant.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Dress Nicki Velani 

Makeup Melissa Spagnolo & Jacqueline Trimbole

Hair Marcella Maturana

Marco & Kalya_01 Marco & Kalya_02 Marco & Kalya_03 Marco & Kalya_04 Marco & Kalya_05 Marco & Kalya_06 Marco & Kalya_07 Marco & Kalya_08 Marco & Kalya_09 Marco & Kalya_10 Marco & Kalya_11 Marco & Kalya_12 Marco & Kalya_13 Marco & Kalya_14 Marco & Kalya_15 Marco & Kalya_16 Marco & Kalya_17 Marco & Kalya_18 Marco & Kalya_19 Marco & Kalya_20 Marco & Kalya_21 Marco & Kalya_22 Marco & Kalya_23 Marco & Kalya_24 Marco & Kalya_25 Marco & Kalya_26 Marco & Kalya_27 Marco & Kalya_28 Marco & Kalya_29 Marco & Kalya_30 Marco & Kalya_31 Marco & Kalya_32 Marco & Kalya_33 Marco & Kalya_34 Marco & Kalya_35 Marco & Kalya_36 Marco & Kalya_37 Marco & Kalya_38 Marco & Kalya_39 Marco & Kalya_40 Marco & Kalya_41 Marco & Kalya_42 Marco & Kalya_43 Marco & Kalya_44 Marco & Kalya_45 Marco & Kalya_46 Marco & Kalya_47 Marco & Kalya_48 Marco & Kalya_49 Marco & Kalya_50 Marco & Kalya_51 Marco & Kalya_52 Marco & Kalya_53 Marco & Kalya_54 Marco & Kalya_55 Marco & Kalya_56 Marco & Kalya_57

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