Nicholas and Natalie

On the 5th of September 2015 the stunning Nicholas and Natalie became one at St Nicholas Church.

After the ceremony, the newly weds moved on to Paddington Reservoir Gardens to capture amazing and intimate moments.

A monumental occasion was had at Sydney’s newest venue, Dockside Pavilion where they celebrated the night away with friends and family. Boasting, the first wedding ever at the venue topped off with fireworks.

Natalie’s dress by J’aton Couture
Groomsmen Suits by George Jreige
Hair by Lizzie Liros
Make Up by Makeover Masters
Custom Made Rosary by Ronza George Designer Jewellery
Bride’s house decor and styling by Chloe Joseph
Groom’s house decor and styling by Styled by Salma
Flowers by Crazy About Flowers
Video by Iconic Films

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

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