Milad & Laura

2nd of November 2014, a beautiful way to kick of this lovely November! The vibrantly beautiful Laura walks down the isle of St Charbels Church to become one with her soulmate Milad.
After they officially became a married couple, they went for a lovely stroll through a quite spot in Parramatta to capture these amazing photos.
As the day came to a close, they continued the fun at The Bellevue and danced through the night.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Wedding Dress Designer: Kerry Xynias
Cake Supplier: Cake Art
Florist: Dina Kheir
Hair Dresser: Georges Salon
Wedding Planner: Nova Weddings
Makeup Artist: Melissa Sassine
Videographer: NYC Films

Milad & Laura-1

Milad & Laura-2

Milad & Laura-3

Milad & Laura-22

Milad & Laura-23

Milad & Laura-24

Milad & Laura-25

Milad & Laura-26

Milad & Laura-27

Milad & Laura-28

Milad & Laura-29

Milad & Laura-4

Milad & Laura-5

Milad & Laura-6

Milad & Laura-7

Milad & Laura-8

Milad & Laura-9

Milad & Laura-10

Milad & Laura-11

Milad & Laura-12

Milad & Laura-13

Milad & Laura-14

Milad & Laura-30

Milad & Laura-15

Milad & Laura-16

Milad & Laura-17

Milad & Laura-18

Milad & Laura-19

Milad & Laura-20

Milad & Laura-21


Milad & Laura-31

Milad & Laura-32

Milad & Laura-33

Milad & Laura-34

Milad & Laura-35

Milad & Laura-36

Milad & Laura-37

Milad & Laura-39

Milad & Laura-40

Milad & Laura-38

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3 Responses to Milad & Laura

  1. Wow, this wedding had all of the bells and whistles. Awesome capture of their wedding day.

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