Mick & Ingrid

A beautiful day we’ve had on the 13th of September, the stunning Ingrid walks down the isle of St Declan’s Catholic Parish to meet her soulmate Mick to unite as a married couple.
We had a lot of fun at the bridal shoot as we photographed these breath taking images in a beautiful spot in Sydney. The fun continues as we all then went to the divine Curzon Hall, until the day came to an ending and celebrated such love.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Wedding dress designed by Ingrid herself
Bridesmaid dresses designed by Love Honor
Cake supplied from Celebration Cakes
Flowers by Tulipanna Flowers
Makeup Art by Melissa Sassine

Mick & Ingrid-35

Mick & Ingrid-36

Mick & Ingrid-37

Mick & Ingrid-38

Mick & Ingrid-39

Mick & Ingrid-40

Mick & Ingrid-41

Mick & Ingrid-42

Mick & Ingrid-43

Mick & Ingrid-44

Mick & Ingrid-45

Mick & Ingrid-46

Mick & Ingrid-47

Mick & Ingrid-48

Mick & Ingrid-49

Mick & Ingrid-50

Mick & Ingrid-51

Mick & Ingrid-52

Mick & Ingrid-53

Mick & Ingrid-54

Mick & Ingrid-55

Mick & Ingrid-56

Mick & Ingrid-59

Mick & Ingrid-60

Mick & Ingrid-62

Mick & Ingrid-63

Mick & Ingrid-64

Mick & Ingrid-65

Mick & Ingrid-66

Mick & Ingrid-67

Mick & Ingrid-68

Mick & Ingrid-69

Mick & Ingrid-70

Mick & Ingrid-71

Mick & Ingrid-72

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1 Response to Mick & Ingrid

  1. Great wedding photos. Your work is beautiful.

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