Jhonny & Chaline

The 14th of September, another beautiful day has passed as the succession of love continues inside of the St. Charbel Church, as the gorgeous Chaline and Jhonny were happily married!
They marched in glory and joy out the ceremony to one of Sydney’s amazing locations, The Rocks, where these breath taking of the couple were captured.
And as the the sun has settled down, they threw a massive celebration at The Grand Parisdo. Such a great time we had with the awesome entertainment and the mesmerising moments as the couple danced all night.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Wedding Dress Designed by Steven Khalil
Cake supplied by Sweet Fingers
Flowers by Mona and Floral Couture by Rebecca Gebran
Hair Dressing by Natalie Anne
Makeup Art by Joanne Khalil
Zaffet by Cdarz EntertainmentJhonny & Chaline-1

Jhonny & Chaline-2

Jhonny & Chaline-3

Jhonny & Chaline-4

Jhonny & Chaline-5

Jhonny & Chaline-6

Jhonny & Chaline-7

Jhonny & Chaline-8

Jhonny & Chaline-9

Jhonny & Chaline-10

Jhonny & Chaline-11

Jhonny & Chaline-12

Jhonny & Chaline-13

Jhonny & Chaline-14

Jhonny & Chaline-15

Jhonny & Chaline-16

Jhonny & Chaline-17

Jhonny & Chaline-18

Jhonny & Chaline-19

Jhonny & Chaline-20

Jhonny & Chaline-21

Jhonny & Chaline-22

Jhonny & Chaline-23

Jhonny & Chaline-24

Jhonny & Chaline-25

Jhonny & Chaline-26

Jhonny & Chaline-27

Jhonny & Chaline-28

Jhonny & Chaline-29

Jhonny & Chaline-30

Jhonny & Chaline-31

Jhonny & Chaline-32

Jhonny & Chaline-33

Jhonny & Chaline-34

Jhonny & Chaline-35

Jhonny & Chaline-36

Jhonny & Chaline-37

Jhonny & Chaline-38

Jhonny & Chaline-39

Jhonny & Chaline-40

Jhonny & Chaline-41

Jhonny & Chaline-42

Jhonny & Chaline-43

Jhonny & Chaline-44

Jhonny & Chaline-45

Jhonny & Chaline-46

Jhonny & Chaline-47

Jhonny & Chaline-48

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