Ellie & Eva

The 8th of June, 2014. This day was a glorious day for a young couple like Ellie and Eva to meet at the Maroun’s Cathedral to unite as one. So many beautiful images were shot in this bridal shoot, and so many mesmerizing moments were captured as they celebrated at the Doltone House.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Dress Designer: J’Aton Couture
Cake Supplier​: Faye Cahill
Hairdresser​: Juliana Marcs
Wedding Planner​: Diane Khoury
Makeup Artist​: Ann Hassarati

Ellie & Eva

Ellie & Eva-2

Ellie & Eva-3

Ellie & Eva-4

Ellie & Eva-5

Ellie & Eva-6

Ellie & Eva-7

Ellie & Eva-8

Ellie & Eva-9

Ellie & Eva-10

Ellie & Eva-11

Ellie & Eva-12

Ellie & Eva-13

Ellie & Eva-14

Ellie & Eva-15

Ellie & Eva-16

Ellie & Eva-17

Ellie & Eva-18

Ellie & Eva-19

Ellie & Eva-20

Ellie & Eva-21

Ellie & Eva-22

Ellie & Eva-23

Ellie & Eva-24

Ellie & Eva-25

Ellie & Eva-26

Ellie & Eva-27

Ellie & Eva-28

Ellie & Eva-29

Ellie & Eva-30

Ellie & Eva-31

Ellie & Eva-32

Ellie & Eva-33

Ellie & Eva-34

Ellie & Eva-35

Ellie & Eva-36

Ellie & Eva-37

Ellie & Eva-38

Ellie & Eva-39

Ellie & Eva-49

Ellie & Eva-50

Ellie & Eva-51

Ellie & Eva-56

Ellie & Eva-40

Ellie & Eva-41

Ellie & Eva-42

Ellie & Eva-43

Ellie & Eva-44

Ellie & Eva-45

Ellie & Eva-46

Ellie & Eva-47

Ellie & Eva-48

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