Andrew & Natalie

The 15th of March 2014 was a special day for the wonderful Andrew and Natalie to spend the whole day together at the breath taking Curzon Hall, as they meet at the end of the aisle, awaiting the two precious words “I do”…
After their love was declared, they wandered around the palace to take mesmerizing photographs, and took much more as they moved the fun down into the cellars, and rejoiced!

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Cake Supplier: Cake Art
Florist: Sydney Wedding Flowers
Hair Dresser & Make-Up Artist: Make-Up Mode

Andrew & Natalie

Andrew & Natalie-2

Andrew & Natalie-3

Andrew & Natalie-4

Andrew & Natalie-5

Andrew & Natalie-6

Andrew & Natalie-7

Andrew & Natalie-8

Andrew & Natalie-16

Andrew & Natalie-10

Andrew & Natalie-9

Andrew & Natalie-18

Andrew & Natalie-11

Andrew & Natalie-12

Andrew & Natalie-13

Andrew & Natalie-14

Andrew & Natalie-15

Andrew & Natalie-28

Andrew & Natalie-20

Andrew & Natalie-21

Andrew & Natalie-17

Andrew & Natalie-19

Andrew & Natalie-24

Andrew & Natalie-26

Andrew & Natalie-29

Andrew & Natalie-22

Andrew & Natalie-23

Andrew & Natalie-25

Andrew & Natalie-27

Andrew & Natalie-32

Andrew & Natalie-33

Andrew & Natalie-30

Andrew & Natalie-31

Andrew & Natalie-34

Andrew & Natalie-35

Andrew & Natalie-36

Andrew & Natalie-37

Andrew & Natalie-38

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