Shady & Amy

The 1st of February, a divine day for a wonderful couple such as Amy & Shady to unite as one in marriage. They were wedded at the Faith Baptist Church in Regents Park.
They then went on to celebrate their love at The Le Montage.
After that they continued the fun for their bridal shoot. They took some breathe-taking images through out McMahon’s Point and Lavander Bay, the perfect place to have a bridal shoot with three of Australia’s biggest icons in the background.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Amy & Shady-1

Amy & Shady-2

Amy & Shady-3

Amy & Shady-4

Amy & Shady-5

Amy & Shady-6

Amy & Shady-7

Amy & Shady-8

Amy & Shady-9

Amy & Shady-10

Amy & Shady-12

Amy & Shady-14

Amy & Shady-13

Amy & Shady-15

Amy & Shady-16

Amy & Shady-17

Amy & Shady-18

Amy & Shady-19

Amy & Shady-20

Amy & Shady-21

Amy & Shady-22

Amy & Shady-23

Amy & Shady-24

Amy & Shady-25

Amy & Shady-26

Amy & Shady-27

Amy & Shady-28

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