Bachir & Leanne

22nd of February, the special day had come for the beautiful Leanne and Bachir to meet at St Michaels Cathedral to wed.
They wandered through the divine Sydney University for the bridal shoot.
And when the day came to an end, they went inside The Great Hall of Sydney University to celebrate this glorious day.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Wedding Dress Designer: Steven Khalil
Cake Supplier: Something Blue
Floral & Styling: Vesna Grasso Floral Designer
Hairdresser:  Jezelle Hair & Beauty
Make Up Artist: Susie Ayoub

Leanne & Bachir

Leanne & Bachir-2

Leanne & Bachir-3

Leanne & Bachir-4

Leanne & Bachir-5

Leanne & Bachir-6

Leanne & Bachir-7

Leanne & Bachir-8

Leanne & Bachir-9

Leanne & Bachir-10

Leanne & Bachir-11

Leanne & Bachir-12

Leanne & Bachir-13

Leanne & Bachir-14

Leanne & Bachir-15

Leanne & Bachir-16

Leanne & Bachir-17

Leanne & Bachir-18

Leanne & Bachir-19

Leanne & Bachir-20

Leanne & Bachir-22

Leanne & Bachir-23

Leanne & Bachir-24

Leanne & Bachir-25

Leanne & Bachir-26

Leanne & Bachir-27

Leanne & Bachir-28

Leanne & Bachir-30

Leanne & Bachir-31

Leanne & Bachir-32

Leanne & Bachir-33

Leanne & Bachir-34

Leanne & Bachir-35

Leanne & Bachir-36

Leanne & Bachir-38

Leanne & Bachir-39

Leanne & Bachir-40

Leanne & Bachir-41

Leanne & Bachir-42

Leanne & Bachir-43

Leanne & Bachir-44

Leanne & Bachir-45

Leanne & Bachir-46

Leanne & Bachir-47

Leanne & Bachir-48

Leanne & Bachir-49

Leanne & Bachir-50

Leanne & Bachir-51

Leanne & Bachir-52

Leanne & Bachir-53

Leanne & Bachir-54

Leanne & Bachir-55

Leanne & Bachir-56

Leanne & Bachir-57

Leanne & Bachir-58

Leanne & Bachir-59

Leanne & Bachir-60

Leanne & Bachir-61

Leanne & Bachir-62

Leanne & Bachir-63

Leanne & Bachir-64

Leanne & Bachir-65

Leanne & Bachir-68

Leanne & Bachir-69

Leanne & Bachir-67

Leanne & Bachir-66

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2 Responses to Bachir & Leanne

  1. wildorchestra says:

    Reblogged this on Paper Lily.

  2. Vesna Grasso says:

    Hi David
    Great work and amazing photography on this wedding, your work is always fantastic! Could you kindly edit our name to “Vesna Grasso Floral Designer” that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much,
    Vesna Grasso

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