Geremia & Louise

On the 7th Sept 2013, two young lovers, Geremia & Louise met at the exquisite Chateau Garden amidst the grounds of Sydney’s Curzon Hall to become husband & wife.
After their vows were shared we continued to capture more divine moments amidst the Curzon grounds.
Celebrations continued onwards in Curzon’s Agincourt Room.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Geremiah & Louise-1

Geremiah & Louise-3

Geremiah & Louise-4

Geremiah & Louise-5

Geremiah & Louise-6

Geremiah & Louise-7

Geremiah & Louise-8

Geremiah & Louise-9

Geremiah & Louise-10

Geremiah & Louise-11

Geremiah & Louise-12

Geremiah & Louise-13

Geremiah & Louise-14

Geremiah & Louise-15

Geremiah & Louise-17

Geremiah & Louise-18

Geremiah & Louise-19

Geremiah & Louise-20

Geremiah & Louise-21

Geremiah & Louise-22

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