Marcus & Andriana

September 1st 2013 and what a picture perfect day it turned out to be for the highly anticipated wedding of the ever lovely Andriana & her man Marcus.

With the lay out of the day being planned & styled by the celebrated Weddings By Diane Khoury, we knew we were in for something unforgettable.

After the breathtaking Adriana was fashioned by the J’Aton Couture gentlemen themselves, she was ready to meet the love of her life, Marcus, at the end of the St Joseph’s Church isle.

Now one, Marcus and Andriana moved on to the royal like grounds of The Sydney University for their bridal shoot and then on to the now unveiled Sydney CBD Doltone House | Hyde Park for their reception.

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Wedding planning and styling by Weddings by Diane Khoury
Dress by J’Aton Couture.
Make up by Ann Hassarati Makeup
Hair by Natalie Ann
Flowers by Vesna Grasso Floral Designers

Phao Marcus & Andreana-3

Phao Marcus & Andreana-1

Phao Marcus & Andreana-2

Phao Marcus & Andreana-4

Phao Marcus & Andreana-5

Phao Marcus & Andreana-6

Phao Marcus & Andreana-7

Phao Marcus & Andreana-8

Phao Marcus & Andreana-41

Phao Marcus & Andreana-9

Phao Marcus & Andreana-10

Phao Marcus & Andreana-11

Phao Marcus & Andreana-12

Phao Marcus & Andreana-13

Phao Marcus & Andreana-14

Phao Marcus & Andreana-15

Phao Marcus & Andreana-17

Phao Marcus & Andreana-16

Phao Marcus & Andreana-18

Phao Marcus & Andreana-21

Phao Marcus & Andreana-22

Phao Marcus & Andreana-20

Phao Marcus & Andreana-23

Phao Marcus & Andreana-19

Phao Marcus & Andreana-24

Phao Marcus & Andreana-25

Phao Marcus & Andreana-26

Phao Marcus & Andreana-27

Phao Marcus & Andreana-28

Phao Marcus & Andreana-29

Phao Marcus & Andreana-30

Phao Marcus & Andreana-31

Phao Marcus & Andreana-32

Phao Marcus & Andreana-33

Phao Marcus & Andreana-34

Phao Marcus & Andreana-35

Phao Marcus & Andreana-36

Phao Marcus & Andreana-37

Phao Marcus & Andreana-38

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