Tony & Natalie

20th April 2013 . . . Natalie walked the long isle of  the breath taking St Mary’s Cathedral to meet her husband to be, Tony.
After their ceremony of becoming one, the newly weds hit up Sydney City for more some more pix and then on to The Ivy on George St to celebrate with friends and family.

Dress by Steven Khalil
Florist: Maria Lush
Wedding Planner: Anthony Del Col

Thank you for allowing Phao Photography to be part of your special day!

Tony & Natalie-1

Tony & Natalie-2

Tony & Natalie-3

Tony & Natalie-4

Tony & Natalie-5

Tony & Natalie-6

Tony & Natalie-7

Tony & Natalie-8

Tony & Natalie-9

Tony & Natalie-10

Tony & Natalie-11

Tony & Natalie-12

Tony & Natalie-13

Tony & Natalie-14

Tony & Natalie-15

Tony & Natalie-16

Tony & Natalie-17

Tony & Natalie-18

Tony & Natalie-19

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1 Response to Tony & Natalie

  1. Raad Richards says:

    Great photography for a beautiful couple.

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